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Gallery » Danzig Report 94 - January, February, March 1997 » POSTAL RATES ON ZEPPELIN MAIL FROM PORT GDANSK 1932 - 1933


As practically all known covers are philatelic in nature, the franking values used on many were undoubtedly greater than was strictly necessary.

By Decrees ZL. 21/33, S. 335 of 29th September 1933, the Warsaw Central Administration banned the further acceptance of items for Zeppelin mail from the Polish Post Office in Danzig, in order to reassert the fact that foreign mail, other than to Poland, was not allowed from Port Gdansk. It seems that the decree was late in being actioned, thus the above referred items for the Chicago World Fair flight (posted in Danzig from 7th to 10th October for the flight departing Friedrlchshafen 14th October 1933) slipped through. Somehow, one further letter was sent from Port Gdansk to Detroit on the 3rd North American flight of 1936.

More research is necessary to establish how exactly the postal rates for Port Gdansk Zeppelin items were made up. The author would be grateful for any further information, particularly for photocopies of any Port Gdansk Zeppelin covers.


Predoninantly the article by Herr Bans Georg Nencke published in Rundbrlef Nr.l/199l of the ZEPPELINPOST hrbeitsgeieinschaft.

Luftpost von Danzig nach lierika 1929-1939’ by Herr Bans Georg Mencke, published Arge Danzig; ref 960, Narch 1994. (Ny translations froi both the above are reproduced by kind pernission of the author)

Sieger Zeppelinpost Spezial Katalog 21st Issue

Flugpost von und nach Danzig’ by Curt Nichaelis (translated into English by P611 du Bonlay as part of ‘Geriania’ Vol 25 No.5 1989, the journaL of the Geriany & Colonies Philatelic Society).

Arge Danzig Handbook 1919 by G.Hasselhoff. G.Sch6ler, V.Rittieister

Port Gdansk Zeppelin Nail 1932-1933’ by Hans Vogels (and with his kind periission) published in ‘Danzig Report’ No.85 (1994), the journal of the Danzig Study group of the Geriany Philatelic Society.

All illustrations are fron sy own collection.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 94 - January - February - March - 1997, Page 14.

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