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Figure 15: From Giles duBoulay comes this cover, posted in Danzig but not delivered to Friedrichshafen until 12.11.30, from where it was intended to be forwarded straightaway to join the Do-X at Lisbon, which was held up by the fire delay. The mail was sent by train to Lisbon, where it received the red flight cachet and the Do-X on-board postmark as a transit stamp on 30. 1.31. The mark contains the aircraft’s registration D 1929. The flight resumed on 31 January and arrived In Rio on 22” June. (See Ollie Clemons’ article in the German Postal Specialist Vol. XLIII, #10, Oct. ‘92 for clarification of this flight.) Mail carried within Brazil received a rhomboid cachet in black, which, oddly, is omitted from this cover. All mail, other than that originating in Brazil was off-loaded at Rio and forwarded by other means.

The cover was back-stamped on arrival in Rahway on Jul9 7’. The Do-X herself did not arrive in New York until 27th August, 1931 (presumably with Clara on board.)


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 95 - April - May - June - 1997, Page 10.

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