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Gallery » 2000 - January - December » More on Post Cards at the Printed Matter Rate

German Postal Specialist 2000.

Prosit Neujahr! page 11.
by Henry A. Stevens.
'Hoffentlich fasst Ihr immer die Richtigen', page 15.
by Walter Farber.
An unusual Christmas card at printed matter rate, 1949, page 26.
by Walter Farber.
More on Post Cards at the Printed Matter Rate, page 28.
by Frank Correl.
Response to Article on Printed Matter Postcard Article page 35.
by Benjamin R. Beede.
Some thoughts on Printed Matter in a Berlin Collection, page 37.
by Richard S. Zerbe.

- Departments;
G.P.S. Chapters, page 4.
Editor's Notes, page 5.
Letters to the Editor, page 6.
GPS Nachrichten page, 9.
Sammler Fragen, page 12.
G.P.S. Study Groups, page 19.
Lapsed List, page 40.
Adlets, page 41.
Secretary's Membership Report, page 44.

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