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Gallery » 2000 - January - December » Forgeries of german Colonies Postal Cards

German Postal Specialist 2000.

- Articles;
Forgeries of german Colonies Postal Cards, page 97.
by John Keven Doyle.
Netherlands Postage Stamps During World War II, page 99.
by Tiny Roozen.
Another interesting printed matter postcard, page 103.
by Dieter Leder.
Alpenvorland-Adria Revisited, page 105.
by Dr David B. Ganse.
The Continuing Sage of Mi 909/910; The SA/SS Stamps, page 114.
by George E. Kuhn;
In Search of a Stamp Catalog, page 123.
by Richard A. Yehle.

- Departments
G.P.S. Chapters, page 92.
G.P.S. Nachrichten, page 93.
G.P.S. Study Groups, page 94.
Sammler Fragen, page 95.
New Issues, page 127.
Adlets, page 129.
Secretary's Membership Report, page 132.

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