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Gallery » 2000 - January - December » The Swedish Post Office in Hamberg

German Postal Specialist 2000.

- Articles;
Once More; Post-WWII Postcards at Printed Matter Rate, page 274.
by Walter Farber.
The Posthorn Set - Nucleus of a Federal Collection, Part II, page 278.
by Horst Kaboth.
The Swedish Post Office in Hamberg, page 283.
by Harold Peter.
More on Censorship with Chemical Testing, page 287.
by Alan Warren.
The Polar Flight of the Graf Zeppelin and the On-Board Cancel, page 289.
by Michael Peter.
Red Army POW Mail - Some Answers, page 293.
by Wolfgang Vogt.
An Ardent Love Affair - Part II, page 230.
by George Rath.

- Departments;
G.P.S. Chapters, page 268.
G.P.S. Nachrichten, page 269.
Sammer Fragen page 273
G.P.S. Study Groups, page 296.
New Issues, page 297.
Adlets, page 305.
Secretary's Membership Report, page 308.

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