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Gallery » Luposta - Ronny van Waardhuizen » Ronny van Waardhuizen, Luposta Exibition Managment

Luposta 1932, Free City Danzig.
Translation by Ronald van Waardhuizen.

Exhibition Managmement;
In July 1931, the International Luftpostausstellung Danzig July 1932 (Association International Air-sport exhibition Danzig 1932) was established, soon known under the abbreviation Luposta 1932 Danzig. Participating were; The Stamp Collector Association of Danzig, under guidance of the association from Northeast Germany of the German Philatelists, the Stamp Dealers Association of Danzig, the Aviation Association of Danzig and the Aero Club of Danzig. The Chairmen of Honour were the following;
Captain Hugo Eckener, the Zeppelin Airship builder.
Senator Dr. Bavier, of the Danzig Senate.
State-Counsellor Zander, Manager of the Post- and Telegraph Direction.
For publishing and promotion printing, the Publishing House "Luposta 1932" was established.
Management of Luposta 1932 Danzig consisted of the following;
1. Chairman; Kurt Holtz, manager of the liason between the Northeast Germany and the German Philatelistic Association.
2. Chairman, Manager of the Aviation Promotion Week; H.W. Trieb, Director of the Aviation Association of Danzig-Organization;
Waldemar Ruberg, Chairman of Danzig Stamp Dealers Association.
Secretariat and Promotion;
Erich Hentschel, Chairman of the Aero Club of the Free City of Danzig.
Willy Dittmann, Association of the Stamp Buyers of Danzig.
Paul Danschke, Association of Stamp Friends.
Alfred Schultz, Philatelistic Club of Danzig-Langfuhr.

Space for the Business Affairs Office was put to their disposal bei the firm Ruberg in the Arsenal Passage. The Town Museum was provided as exhibition space, better known under its previous name of Monastery of Franciscus. Further promotions were held as follows;
1. Issue of written publicity.
2. Agreements with the Post- and Telegraph Direktion of Danzig, promotion an special postmarks and the establishment of special post offices.
3. Promotion of the European Post Directions forparticipation of their postal customersd at the Zeppelin flights of Luposta.
4. Invitations for the participation of performers, such as acrobatic flyers, parachutists, cruises for the visitors and for the Air Exhibition.
5. Negotiations about the flight of the airship "Graf Zeppelin" to Danzig.
The last point was no doubt the most expensive one. The Zeppelin company asked, for the three trips (Outward journey, Cruise over the Baltic Sea, and Return journey) the price of 38.000 German Reichsmarks, which was 50.000 Danzig Florins, to be deposited at intervals at a bank. The payments must be made in regular deposits so that the planned promotion would coincide with the Zeppelin's appearances.

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