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Zeppelin flight promotion of the Exhibit, Luposta 1932, Danzig.

>> Again, passengers were exchanged, two in and two out, to keep the delicate balance of the airship. After receiving the postal bags, it left on the same course as it came on the outward trip. It wasn't the first time hat the airship Graf Zeppelin visited Danzig. Before, in the years 1930 and 1931, the Danzig residents hat an opportunity to admire the great ship as it passed overhead during the Baltic Sea cruises and the Arctic trips. Also an airship had previously landed near Danzig. On the big exercise field in Langfuhr, the Star-Airship 'Schütte-Lanz I' landed on the 6th of July 1913. It was built to the specifications and plans of Professor Schütte, lecturer at the Technical University of Danzig. Constructed by the Mannheimer Lanz Company, it unfortunately was wrecked during the return trip to Schneidemühl.
The stamp collectors were, of course, also interested in the postal events, which were connected to Luposta. Already at the start of the Exhibition everything was obtainable for collectors; postcards, covers, labels, machine-vended publicity stamps and Luposta postage stamps. They were used immediately from the first day, and the five values were frequently used togeher on the same cover or card, for registered mail, air and express mail. After the opening of the special post offices on the Exhibition floor and in the airport building, the visitors had the opportunity to post their mail at those points. The air mail despatches are carrying mostly the oval concels from Zoppot, Langfuhr, Danzig 1 and Danzig 5.
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