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Gallery » Danzig Report 147 - January, February, March 2010 » The Danzig Study Group, U.S.A.

Danzig Report Nr. 147 - Janauary - February - March 2010.

N E W e-Mail address;

John & Betty Bloecher, Baltimote MD, USA.
Contributing Editors;
Ronny van Waardhuizen, Antwerp, Belgium.
John L. Whiteside, Leeds, UK.
Hans Vogels, Bucharest.
Giles du Boulay, Aylesbury, UK.
Blaine Taylor, Townson, MD, USA.
Malcolm Steward, UK.

Bernard A. Hennig, Chicago, USA.
Ernie Solit, Hyannis, MA, USA.
Donna Misiuda, Zoppot, Poland.
Webmaster; Ronny van Waardhuizen.

Prof. Andrzej Januszajtis, Gdansk, Poland.
Stanley Sterczewski, Gdansk, Poland.
Museum Director Zdislaw Balewski, Gdansk, Poland.

New Hotels and Condominiums, but not much else has changed in old Gdansk. Its artists still exhibit during the Dominican Fair; Amber jewelry seems to be in endless supply. Ninety percent of the historic buildings are still standing, defying Hitler, Emperor Napoleon, the Teutonic Knights, and every invader troughout the centuries. This city is now seen by more people than ever before.

*- Progress is being made on the soccer stadium in time for the championship games in Gdansk -- 2012. {2009 Photo}

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