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Gallery » Danzig Report 148 - April, May, June 2010 » Final collaboration between Buchholz and Sauer

Just a minute - before leaving the Inflation era completely, let's see what it took to mail a letter from Danzig in 1923.

Most Danzig stamps printed between 1922 and October of 1923 were re-evalued in Marks.
Smaller denomination stamps became wortless exept as local delivery stamps. As an example of the highest inflation, take a look at an issue in April, 1923, of the Buchholz designed set of four airmails (with the highest face value of 500 marks). However, by July, 1923, it would need two {2} of these stamps to send a letter by airmail from Danzig to England. Just a months later, the amount, for such a letter, would be 7000 marks, requiring fourteen {14} airmail stamps, such as Michel 137, seen at left, below. Issue date was 27th of April, 1923. Some of them had a gray burlage.

*- Typography by Julius Sauer; part of the 4th Airmail set.
See Michel English-language catalog and Danzig Report Nr. 140 for additional stamps in the group. Airmails from 133 to 137 were valid until 3.11.1923, with no overprints being ordered for deflation. A new issue of airmail stamps Nr. 177 to 180 appeared on 18 October 1923, 5th Airmail set.
*- Michel Nr. 138 in block of eight, offset onto gum site of sheet, which accounts for the yellowish color. The block of four at the right shows the normal coloring of the stamps, which are in very light blue-green. The Nr. 138 was issued on 15th of May and valid until 2.11.1923; value: 40 Marks.

Final collaboration between Buchholz and Sauer - 5th Airmail.
The last issue {5th} of airmail stamps again found designer Buchholz and printer Julius Sauer working side-by-side. We'll givea closer look at their plate flaws.

*- At the left are three Michel Nr. 177 airmails, with the left stamp being bisected by the vertical K-14perforation. For more on this series see DR-144, and the full sheets on these pages 7, 9, 11 and 13.
Stamps of the 5th Airmails issued 18.10.1923; valid thru 2.11.1923.

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