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After Derschau’s death, Frederick the Great appointed the Privy Financial Councillor Fr. Gottlich Michaclis to the position of Finace Minister and General Postmaster.

When Frederick the Great died in 1786. the Prussian Royal I louse maintained four postal directorates: one in Berlin, one in Breslau. one in Knigsberg, and one in Stoli1nherg. Consulting even a detailed map of Germany, you won’t find the location of Stolzenberg. During the tune in question. it was a large suburb of Danzig. but in 1807. it disappeared completely, having been deliberately burned to the ground by order of the city fathers of Danzig. Their stated reason was to provide a better defense for Danzig -- - the old I lansa city and sea fortress. Thus, nothing remained of the once-proud city- suburb.

The real underlying facts differ somewhat as this town did play a most important part in the Prussian Postal Administration of the area in question. Documentation of this contention can be found in the writings of Postmaster General Dr. I leinrich von Stephan.

In 1772, Polish-Prussia was incorporated into the Prussian Monarchy under the name West Prussia. Only three days after this event. Prussian mail coaches were rolling over the main roads of the area and newly established post offices were opened to the public. On 20 June 1772, the king issued his first order for the’ establishment of posts in West Prussia, with its main purpose of creating the best network between East Prussia, Pommerania, and thc Mark. The other oblective was the isolation of the Polish Post Office in Danzig

The main route from Berlin to Konigsberg ran via Koestrin, Landsberg. Friedeberg, Driesen, Schneide muehi, Nakel, Bromberg. Kuim, (Iraudcni Manenwerder. Dirschau, Marienberg, Elbing, Frauenhurg. Braunsberg, I Iciligenbel, and Brandenburg.

In Dirschau, this route connected with the second large Pommeranian route that ran from Stolp via Lupow and Wutzkow. running along the hills that surrounded Danzig. thence into Stolzenberg. The main post office of the province West Prussia was within cannon shot of Danzig

During the last reigning year of Frederick the Frca( (1 78), this route ran from Stolzcnberg via Lauenburg. Ankerholz, Neustadt in West Prussia, and Katz, continuing via Mewe, Neuenburg. Graudenz and Cuimsec (the Prussian Postal Route to Thorn and Warsaw). All major routes were serviced on horseback, with two weekly mail coach trips.

On 1 October 1772, these establishments were publisized. All letters, packages and money orders would find prompt and secure servicing and travelers would be transported in utmost comfort.

To improve the service, the main postal directorate decided to install a main postal director for West Prussia and the head of the main post office in Stolzenbcrg. A Mr. UhI. the former ptost.mastcr of Fehrbellin. was appointed and approved by the king. By establishing the extensive Prussian postal routes, the Polish post office in Danzig was isolated. The transit fees extolled for every dispatch from Konigshcrg to Berlin remained in effect. but they now went to the Prussian treasury, instead. They amounted yearly to approximately 1 5,00() Thaler. This pleased the king immensely, since prior to these events, he had made an offer to Danzig to purchase the Danzig post office, or to lease it. The offer was rejected.

Originally, it was anticipaled that Danzig would offer considerable resistance to all these happenings and General von Stutterheim received orders to assist the main postal director Uhi, in the event that it


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 110 - January - February - March - 2001, Page 7.

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