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The siege and capitulation of Danzig, 1813 - 1814

On 18 December 1812, General Rapp returned to Danzig from Russia with a frost-bitten face and hands. He immediately started to organize the defence of the city. making preparations for impending siege. Rapp’s diary records the predicament he faced with these notes:

“My position has become very difficult On the one hand the cit Ezens of Danzig complain that they have to feed numerous troops. bear various hardships while being deprived of any income from exported goods. On the other hand Ministers press for contributions to cover expenses connected with military preparations and the extension of fortifications”.

Since September 1812 Danzig had been blockaded by 25 English (ligates from which the port areas were sporadically shelled to little effect. After the retreat of the French from Moscow, Russian troops captured the city of Elbing and occupied the Danziger Werder Renmants of the French anny arrived in Danzig, many unarmed, in rags, hungry, emaciated and sick, In January the city was surrounded by 7000 Cossacks commanded by General Platow. lie was joined in February first by General Steinheil, as siege commander, and then by General Lieutenant von Lowis with Russian infantry and Burggraf Ludwig zu Dohna with the East Prussian territorial army division. The occupation troops had a


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 112 - July - August - September - 2001, Page 28.

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