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Gallery » Danzig Report 150 - January, February, March 2011 » Germany Learns to live with the Versailles Treaty

Germany Learns to live with the Versailles Treaty:

Strikes occured without warning, seriously delaying both travelers and freight. Although the seat of government was move to Weimar, Berlin was still the defacto capital, and regular safe and speedy postal service between Berlin and Weimar was essential. Amid the widespread unrest, communications were still uncertain and often delayed...
Noske set up a Kurierdienst service between Weimar and Dresden, using mimitary planes and pilots to move official mail rapidly between the two centers. The service operated efficiently, but it was soon apparent that the high volume of mail when the full assembly was in session could not be accomadated. As soon as the Aemistice was signed, DLR requested an air transport Operator's licence from the new Air Minister, August Euler. . .

*- Only 242 letters were carried on the first flight
from Weimar to Berlin, February 6, 1919.

Danzig Report Nr. 150 - 2010, page 5.

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