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Gallery » Danzig Report 150 - January, February, March 2011 » Germany and the Versailles Treaty

Germany Learns to live with the Versailles Treaty:

A sad occurence developed with a giant project, a Rohrbach design, the giant was to be built at the Staaken Zeppelin Works in 1919; to carry 18 passengers, was far ahead of its time. Its problem lay with its four Maybach engines, totaling 1.000 hp, since it ran afoul of the Treaty, wich disallowed any plane that exceeded its restriction. The plane completed all of its test flights while Allied experts were present to declare that the combined horsepower of 1.000 cannot be tolerated in any German plane and that the designers were told to 'break it up!'
This idiocy had a negative effect on all Germany's struggling air transport companies and no doubt had compelled them to complete in the military market prior to World War 2, with the Nazi party happy to find so many engineers in the field. . .

*- This boxed three-line failure cachet was introduced at Braunschweig from December 1920.
The cover is to be forwarded on to Dortmund.

Danzig Report Nr. 150 - 2010, page 7.

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