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Gallery » Danzig Report Nr. 105 » Could it be 60 Years, already?


Report No. 105

Editor: John H. Bloecher, 1743 Little Creek Drive, Baltimore, MD. 21207-5230 USA

October, November, December 1999

Could it be 60 Years, already?

Hans Vogels sent in this post card with a painting that was displayed at the Ilaus der Deutsehen Kunsi in Milnchen, during the Second World War. The museum still stands, hut the subject matter at the time of this card, no longer exudes Nazi propaganda. According to the German ncwsrecls of the day. th Schleswig-HoLsein found it necessary to defend itself from the Polish defenses (!) located on the spit of Westerplatte. Only one other Polish area was tired upon. this time by land forces the post office at Hevelius Platz. Remarkably. to some of us old- timers, it doesn’t seem like (40 years. But much has happened since this battle that we have chronicled in Report No,84.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 105 - October - November - December - 1999, Page 1.

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