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Busy Times at #43 Langenmarkt
The photo at the left shows a 1935 celebration on the portal of the NSDAP headquarters at #43, after the Nazi headq uarters was moved from the Hundgassc.

The topic is Saar, and its return to the Reich has produced this monstrous ‘ “imprompiu demonstration. The Saar’s plebiscite has whetted the appetites br a similar action in the Free City of Daniig. This eventually becomes a fact, as we saw in Report #35. Josef Goebbels leaves a meeting in the company of many more black shirts than were present in 1935.

Getting back to the Saar, we may have forgotten that the district experienced two separate plebiscites. The first was taken under Ihc League of Nations in 1935, made while the French still occupied the valuable coal fields to compensate for the damage that the German troops did to the French coal mines. The plebiscite vote resulted in the return of the Saar to Germany. The U.S. 7th Army took the Saar in WW-H, and the French again occupied the area in 1945. In 1957, another plebiscite returned the Saar to West Germany. The Diele of Danzig


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 105 - October - November - December - 1999, Page 17.

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