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Gallery » Danzig Report Nr. 104 » Stutthof its History and its Mail

DANZIG Report No. 104

Editor: John H. Bloecher, 1743 Little Creek Drive, Baltimore, MD. 21207-5230 USA

July Aug. Sept  1999

Part I

Kons. Lager Stutthof

The Camp, its History and its Mail

Ignatz Bubis, Leader of Germany’s Jewish Community, on the sixtieth anniversary of Kristalnacht, 8.11.98

Figure 1: Thousands of letter sheets were sent from the prison camp that is located near the small town of Stutthof, about 19 miles east of the city of Danzig. This particular cover illustrates two rubberstamped orders. On front: “Registered, express. and any valuables are strictly forbidden”, and, on the back: “Letters are to be sent only in the German language”. The STUTTHOF a 17.1.45 DANZIG cancel shows late usage, since the camp’s evacuation started on 25 January.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 104 - July - August - September - 1999, Page 1.

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