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Sometimes the addressee will tell the postman when he delivers the caid to him that he wants the parcel 10 be delivered to his home address. The postman will take the card hack to the post ollice and arrangements are made to deliver the parcel. An extra fee is charged lot this, normally shown by stamps, stuck on the hack of the card. The addressee signs the card when the parcel is delivered and the parcel postman keeps it as proof.

So you can see twoimportant things: the ordinary parcel postage Lakes only the parcel to the receiving post office and the receiver of the parcel never gets the stamps for the postage. since the post office keeps them. It must he cmphasiid that this system operated until the I 930s, when it gradually began to change. 1•or instance, in (krmany, it became usual PrIctiCC for the sender to PLCPiIY a Zusfrllungs fee of 15 plennigs br the parcel to be delivered to the addirssee.

The second iniportant thing is that you should not expect a dalestamp ob the Poli1i Post in l)anzig on these cards for the First I H months from the opening of the Polish parcel office in the harbor area, from April 1920. until AUgUSt 1921, which seems to he the point at which postma.ks were used for a while, according 10 Wolff’s second hook, page I Xl. I have itever seen these, and you must remember that the Polish Post Offices in the harbor area and at the station, were not open to the public until 1925.

The main function of the Polish l( ). iii the harbor area was to deal with the forwarding of parcels arriving horn anywhere in the world that was addressed to l’oland, ‘l’he hulk of these were from America and Great Britain, which arrived without parcel cards. ‘[he ol lice thus made out a card for each parcel, which were identified with the various cachets headed “1. Ameryki” (lkoni Ametica). ISee john’s examples and l)R-l02. page 19.1

It is worth noting that anything Iron) the Polish Post Oflices before the issue of the Port (datisk stamps in January 1925. is quite dii licult to find and is worthy of note and careful dc5ription.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 103 - April - May - June - 1999, Page 27.

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