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Street in Danzig
Dantzig is an important Seaport and the capital of West Prussia. It ranks as a Fortress of the first class, the fortifications including ramparts, bastions, wet ditches and works for laying the sur-rounding country under water. The town is entered by four gates, one which dates from the sixteenth century, and another from the seventeenth. Adjoining the Hohe Tor (High Gate) a huge fortified gateway in the Italian Renmaissance style, and restored in 1884, is the military workshop. (See view 1725.)

Ernie Solit strikes again with the query: What do you make of this? Where is this place??
As you can guess, it isn't in the old fort "Dantzig" as the caption that came with this old stereopticon slide states. At least, we've never seen it in Danzig. The tower does bear some resemblance to the Stockturm, but that structure was never intended as a gate. Mr. Alfred Campbell's copyright is from 1896, so we don't think that there were too many visitors from the United States who demanded their money back when unable to find this place.
Another expert bites the dust.

To see the Hohe Tor and Stockturm complex as it looked to Napoleon in 1807, view the etching at the right. The Stockturm roof is slightly exagerated, but the overall view is similar to that which greeted visitors at the end of the century. However, that high line of ramparts was removed around the year 1905, causing the gate and Stockturm to be again on the same elevation.


Danzig Report   Nr. 99 - April - May - June - 1998, Page 6.

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