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Fig.3: The triple card shown. No. 13, contains one of the four personalities in this series. I)r. Ilcrmann Rauschning was president of the 1)anzig Senate after the elections of 1932. being appointed by Hitler. Rauschning was horn in what is flow Torun. Poland. in 1887 and attended cadet schools at Potsdam and Berlin-Lichierfelde, which later became the home training base of the I,cihstandarie Adolf Hitler Division (elite Life Guards, later the only SS Division to contain the Fiihrer’s name). Raiischning’s war record in WW-1 endeared him with hitler, who empathized with woundedinfantry men from that war.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 101 - October - November - December - 1998, Page 4.

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