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>> CAPEX 1978

four covers in the $5.00 bracket at a U.S. dealer’s stand and two essays of the unissued 5,000 Mk 1923 air mail issue in black, both perf and imperf. Their was not a single Danzig collection in the International Exhibition.

The G.P.S. Fall Convention will be held in conjunction with the Chicago Philatelic Society’s annual show on October 6, 7, and 8th at the Conrad Hilton Hotel. We will hold a Danzig Study Group meeting, along with other groups, on Friday Try to arrange your schedule so that you can attend.

Next Spring, our meeting will be in Columbus, Ohio We’ll keep you informed of the dates and details.

The 30th G.P.S. Gala Convention and. . . Blow-out will be at the popular Hunt Valley Inn, just north of Baltimore. Plans have been underway for sometime to provide everyone with a good and prosperous time. Matthew Bennett is gathering a large German area auction for the Convention, which will be held during the BALPEX Labor Day weekend, in September of 1979.

As mentioned before, lack of communications at Toronto resulted in a minimum exchange of ideas, unless one happened to meet a compatriot at the Hospitality Suite or at the Banquet, and you could converse over the ambient noise. We saw Werner Bohne at Rickenback’s stall and promised to meet later, but we must wait until next time to ex change papers and ideas. Heinz Pauli, a temporarily displaced German (courtesy of IBM) now working in New York, spent much time discussing the Danzig scene from his interesting viewpoint. Mr. Quidzinski and his lovely wife introduced themselves at the Banquet, and it was good to visit with Canadians who have been long-time members of DSG. Unfortunately, Peter Theuss and I missed seeing each other thru out the weekend. Angus Parker, of London’s Argyll Etkin, Ltd., was met at his company’s stall. Extra efforts will be made at future meetings to allow Danzig collectors to meet at an appropriate time.


Danzig Report  Nr. 19 – 2nd Quarter 1978, Page 2.

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