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Editor: John H. Bloecher Jr., 1743 Little Creek Drive, Baltimore, Md. 21207

G.P.S. Chicago Convention Highlights: A most enjoyable visit was experienced by those attending the Chicago Convention in October. It’s always "Gemütlichkeit" when good friends get together to discuss philately. Many ideas were exchanged and everyone came away richer in knowledge and poorer in the pocketbook. Especially since Roger Koerber brought perhaps 500 covers, cards and postal stationery that was once part of Curt Michaelis’ collection. Each was carefully categorized as to postal group and the correct rate for each. Since the collection was so well organized and cared for by its original owner, it was almost impossible to pass up so many covers and cards, most of which were signed by Schüler.

Aside from Koerber’s stall, we found several other covers and postal stationery items at other dealers in the bourse. Although Danzig wasn’t represented in any exhibits, the quality of the frames was very outstanding. Time to begin thinking about the next exhibit in March at Milwaukee.

We wish the new President, Harold Peter, congratulations and good wishes for his new term in office. Also, Bud Hennig is to be thanked for his excellent tenure, and we look forward to his help in future Danzig project.

Sitz im Leben: Technically, this Report often bendsawa. from a strictly philatelic approach in order to bring a greater understanding to one of the prime landmarks in Danzig. With Bud’s help in furnishing us with Bolduan’s book, “Gdansk 1945-1965”, we are able to compare some photographs of the Marienkirche to its appearances on philatelic items from several angles, Also, John Gilroy sent and inflation note once worth 10.000.000 Marks that also shows our familiar scene. It is our feeling that, to understand the postal history of a nation, it is also necessary to study its “sitz im Leben” and there by understani its overall life a little better.

Coming Articles: In the works are articles on disinfected mail, more plate flaw details of Michel 177-180, and some sort of delineation of the postal rates as outlined by Michaelis. If any of you have started such a project, perhaps you would share your work with us.


Danzig Report  Nr. 33 - October - November - December - 1981, Page 1.

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