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Gallery » Danzig Report 33 - October, November, December 1981 » Propaganda card puts the Marienkirche and the Nazi emblem

Postcards and Marienkirche

On the next page, the cover containing the second air mail set with oval air cancels oÍ’ 28.8.22 (DANZIG 1/a) is backstamped: KÖNIGSBERG (PR.) 1/29.8.22. 7-8V. / * Porto * in 29 mm CDS. Blue crayon postage due mark indicates that the 19 marks paid fell short of the air / registered / express  tariff requested.

The familiar 1939 6 + 4 Pfg. propaganda card puts the Marienkirche and the Nazi emblem on common terms.

The beautiful card at the upper left has a scarce purple M.S. Hansestadt Danzig / 5-Jul 1929 / Auf hoher See 34 mm cancel. The Danzig 5 black CDS is part of slogan cancel Type 1b, reminding the sender to include street and house number.

“Unser Haus” and an arrow shows the sender’s location on a “Gruss aus” card in blue tones, 20.8.99 to Copenhagen from Jopengasse 48 II.

The next card pictures the Rathouse square with our subject church on the horizon. The address side contains a CDS: DANZIG / 9.8.04 / *1r  and a Vienna receiving stamp 10.8.04. We will show the entire card in a later article that deals with the Town Hall.

In the lower left corner is a Luposta card dated 31.7.32, with a black and white photograph of sea coast taken from the Graf Zeppelin. The pencil address has faded, but the card appears to have been flown. Note the blue stylized line drawing of the Marienkirche.

Danzig Report  Nr. 33 - October - November - December - 1981, Page 10.

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