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and reconcile those figures with the front numbers. The A.B. in a circle may mean Abliefertings (Delivery) Bescheiningung (Receipt) Requested, to alert the recipient that this is official Police business and to initial receipt on a special form. The —8 in the triangle eludes us; perhaps a departmental stamp. Under the date stamp is i.s. Bruno Peters in pencil, which could be Insasse for “inmate”? Herr Peters would be the subject of the correspondence.

The addressee: The firm of Knorr & Hirsch / G.m.b.H. (standing for Gesellschaft mit beschrinkter Haftung, meaning Corporation with limited liability), whose offices are on the second floor as indicated by the 511. Sleuths, go to it!!!

Concluding in this Report is the r,lichel Ganzsachen translation from Herb Sears. Some updates have been included, and previous sections included the following:
Part 1 — Report No. 43
Part 2 - Report No. 46
Esperanto FCongress - Report No. 34

We are currently running experiments with various lenses and are testing a new copy stand for the closed circuit TV camera micros cope. This will allow a greater magnification as well as a more precise reference between copies. This will take a little time to reach its full potential, but we are enjoying amazing results.

Also in the near future will be a display of all of the 1929 Gdarisk-Poznañ flight covers, If you have copies of Polish pioneer flights prior to these, please send them in for inclusion. More has to be done with the DD double overprints of the first (1920) air mail set, and we are working with Werner Bohne to sort these out. Please send any 50, 51, or 52DD’s that you haVe, for reference. As you know, it is sometimes easy to know what is a forgery (we have plenty of those), but it isn’t easy to see the real stamp.

Your Folio Print is from Ganzsachen P 61 07, of Oliva and Schloss...

At the right is card P 283 (Deutsches R.), which is not too plentiful. Dated 21st October 1939 & sent to Bremen, it is Danzig P 52 with the 5 Pf. orange stamp.

Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 53 - October - November - December - 1986, Page 2.

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