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Examles of the Danzig  6 - 7 time cancels

The first two 6—7 P.M. examples are concentric, and the 10.6.40 cancel runs from the prior 1400/850 angles to a much broader 1550/900. An absence of examples for several years occurs, with 23.5.46 providing concentricity (at 150°/80°) all the way thru to the last example of 18.10.64. Isn’t it amazing that the most—used canceller was the one that appears to have survived in better condition than any of the others.

The enlargement at the right is a 6-7 P.M. cancel dated 5.8.1854, and it illustrates the caution that is necessary in evaluating individual cancels when contemporary samples aren’t available. From this print, one could assume that the frame above the IG is cracked and that the top right serif of the I is broken off. Examination of other 1854 cancels, however, indicates that no others exhibit similar breaks. Either the damaged canceller was instantly replaced or the “damage” shown is the result of poor inking.


Danzig Report  Nr. 58 - January - February - March - 1988, Page 31.

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