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Mystery of the Madonna

Seems that every time you think that you have Danzig by the handle, some other mystery creeps in. For instance, this stamp No. 276 illustrates the Madonna and Child, and refers to it as the “Madonna on the Artushof” on the inscription on the left side. The first problem is to find such a sculpture on the Artus itself; there are no Madonnas on that building. According to all of the resource material at hand, no Madonnas have ever shown. Now look three doors further to the east, and you will find the “Golden House” has a fine statue of the Madonna over the portal. If that is the model for the stamp’s illustration, much artistic license was taken by the engraver. Close inspection of the stamp will find an orb in the hands of the child she is carrying, but there is no second child at her left leg, with her hand resting on his head, as seen in the sculpture.

The photo at the left is from a small picture booklet dating from the 1920’s, and it gives the best view of the subject.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 69 - October - November - December - 1990, Page 8.

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