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Prewar Danzig

Above is a copy of the double-card sent in by Ernie Solit, showing the view from the lower Bischofsberg, looking east. The towers (from left) are: St.Katherine, Stockturm, St. Bridgit, Jacek, Zeughaus dual towers, Great Synagogue, English Haus (?), Marienkirche, Rathaus, Holy Trinity (now Danzi Museum), Sts.Peter & Paul. Buildings in foreground may be old courts, no longer standing.

(Left) Cover from Synagogue congregation of Danzig, with office on Haymarket, 2 blocks east of main synagogue building. Note the late date of 31 July 1939 in cancel.


Danzig Report   Nr. 78 - January - February - March - 1993, Page 7.

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