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Gallery » Danzig Report 90 - January, February, March 1996 » Röntgen and 100 years of X-rays


A commemorative card, Michel P62-03, was issued in April of 1939, along with cards for Koch and Mendel. These were special cards, to commemorate the Kongresses der Arzte und Naturforscher in Zoppot. (Congress of Physicians and Natural Scientists). The card was- sent from Zoppot on July 7th. Color of the paper is white, and the overall dimensions are 147 x 104 mm. Color of the 1o-pfg. stamp imprint is blue-green, while the balance of the design is in black ink. Zoppot’s post office was still advertising with a cancel that reads:  Das Weitbad an der Ostsee Cancel was used from 26th of May until 30th of August, 1939.

On the previous page: the official FLOREX’ cover with special Ronigen cancel. Below that is another Famous Men of Medicine cover from 25.8.39, and back-stamped chemnitz I on 27.8.39. The three 10 Pfg. stamps are Mi. No. 292Dx, on an official Arbeitcgemeinschaft Danzig envelope.

Congratulations to the ArGe on its 60th Anniversary!!!


Danzig Report Vol. 1 -  Nr. 90 - January - February - March - 1996,  Page 14.

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