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Gallery » Danzig Report 92 -1996 » A Polish transfer and letter office at the main railway station


> The Polish Post office at the Railway Station in Danzig 

tion across Danzig territory to any place in Poland selected by her, or to any place agreed upon between the two governments of Poland and Danzig. But when making demands under this right, Poland is required to show that the purchase or lease of such land or building is “necessary”, in accordance with Article 30 of the Convention of 9th November 1920.

3) that communication by this postal, telegraphic and telephonic service must go directly by any route selected by Poland or any routes agreed upon between the two governments under Article 150 of the Convention of 24th October, 1921, from the one place selected in Danzig territory, to the one place or places selected in Polish territory, and that no postal, telegraphic or telephonic material or messages can be received or delivered on this route, or these routes, except in the establishment described in 1 above.

4) that Poland can establish this communication under the conditions mentioned in 3, in any manner she chooses - rail, air, road or water - and can change the route selected, provided she does not use two or more alternative routes at the same time, except by agreem ent as in sub paragraph 3 above.

On 30 August, the High Commissioner wrote an important explanation to this decision, saying that the building of the first paragraph of his decision was the building at the Heveliusplatz. Additional room could be acquired in the same building or on the other side of the street. 6

A Polish transfer and letter office at the main railway station

On 8 March 1922, the High Commissioner wrote in his report that Poland didn’t want to open new post, telegraph and telephone offices in the territory of the Free City and that they had no intention to distribute or receive letters while the mail was in transit between the Port and Polish territory.

Two weeks later, on 21 March 1922, the Polish Railway Administration in the Free City took a decision by which the so-called Ubernachtungsgebäude [overnight hotel] at the main railway station [Hauptbahnhof] in Danzig was destined to establish a Polish transfer and letter- sorting office. [Figures 1 & 2]


Danzig Report   Nr. 92 - July - August - September - 1996,  Page 5.

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