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Gallery » Danzig Report 97 - October, November, December 1997 » Aus dem Briefkasten by Bill Ruh


Manuscript Einschreiben written with pen at top of envelope. Aus dem Briefkasten and registration label were applied at the post office.

Berlin W8 postal inspection mark on back.

FIGURE 6- Cover from Danzig 1, sent on 21 November 1921, to Berlin-Grunewald, 23 November, 1921.

Danzig stamps, ML 68, 69x and 78 make up the rate of 3.30 Marks for a letter of 20 to 100 grams (80 pfg.), registration (1.00 Mark) and special delivery (1.50 Marks) to Germany. Air post stamps used as surface maiL Typewritten Einschreiben and Durch Eilboten! underlined in blue at the post office. Registration and red express labels, as well as Aus dem Briefkasten handstamp also applied at post office.

Berlin W8 postal inspection mark on the back.

FIG. 7- Cover from Danzig-Langfuhr, 25 Nov. 1922,2-3N.

The Danzig stamps applied by the sender, two ML 83 cover only the 2.00 Mark local rate for a letter under 20 grams. The registration, called for by the Einschreiben: typed at top, required an additional 8.00 Marks postage.

There was no return address, so it could not be returned for the additional required postage. The Aus dem Briefkasten handstamp, blue-crayoned 1600 and the registration label were applied at the post office.

A penalty postage due (Strafporto) of double the 8 Marks due, or 1600 pfenniges (16.00 Marks) was to be collected from the addressee (the Danzig police!!). Two 800 pfennige postage due stamps, ML P13, were applied and cancelled DANZIG-LANGFUHR, 25 November 1922, 3-4N.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 97 - October - November - December - 1997, Page 7.

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