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Free City Danzig Passports.
A thirth type of passport was created in the thirth quarter of 1936.
The cover, softer with a lining layer, colour Brouwn and Danzig Wappen reneuwed, now supported by two Lions. Pages insite with new layout and thinner paper, also the watermark same as before but now horizontaly. First innerpage with a printed seal 'Stempelabgabe - Versteuert mit 4 Gulden - Danzig'.
The passport contains as well 32 numbered pages, N°. D. 1952/36, the D. comes from first letters of the familly name (Dombrowski Erna), this passport was issued 11. November XI. 1936 and valid untill 10. November XI. 1941.
Note; in contradiction with most other passports there have been used a paper label for the signature. This label has been seccured by two cancels.

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