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Free City Danzig - Essays and Proofs.

February 1, 1922/March, 9 Mark value with Large coat of arms in red and orange. Desiged by Hans Buchholz and printed by Juius Sauer, Danzig by letterpress, with gray rosette underprint on honeycomb watermarked paper (Wz. 2) with serrated perforations 13 1/2.

- 9 Mark, vertical watermarked paper (Wz. 2).
- 9 Mark, horizotal waermarked paper (Wz. 2Y), March 1922.
- Imperforate phase print of orange color on horizontal watermarked paper (Wz. 2Y).
- Imperforate phase print of red color on vertical watermarked paper (Wz. 2X).

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