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Zeppelin flight promotion of the Exhibit, Luposta 1932, Danzig.

Copy of page from 'Who Knows Danzig?' by Werder-Rades, Ernst Friedrich. (Stettin Hessenland - 1933), without page number.

The outward trip passed over German territory until reaching Pommern on the Baltic coast, flew further over the sea, keeping outside the Polish 3-mile zone, beyond the peninsula Hela, then back to Danzig-Langfuhr. The Zeppelin landed without incident.

After the change of passengers and mail, the cruise took of within 30 minutes. The Zeppelin pulled a tight turn over the airfield, headet toward open sea, being careful to remain three miles off the Polish coast, and headed toward, the island Bornholm. It passed over the island just before 12:00 hours. After a short break above the town Rönne on the west coast, the poste bags of mail were dropped. The airship left for a new destination on the south coast of Sweden and travelled the coast further to the port town of Ystad. Now it turned south in the direction of the island Rügen. From the north point of the island at Cape Arkona it passed by the east coast at the chalk rocks of Stubbenkammer, and it passed the Regions Sassnitz and Binz. The airship passed the islands of Usedom and Wollin, over a number of seaside resorts, and followed the coast of Pommern until Kolberg. It turned over the island towns of Köslin, Schlawe and Stolp, and steered from Leba back to the coast. At the east side, it drew over the Baltic Sea and arrived in Danzig about 19:00 Hours. In a big turn, the Graf Zeppelin passed over the old town and landed for a second time on the Langfuhr Airport.
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