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Gallery » Danzig Report 112 - July, August, Septembet 2001 » The “Free City” 1807-1814


Portion of the revenue stamped document signed by Burgermeister Carl Friedrich v. Gralath in 1811. (See page 25.)

Capitutation of Danzigto Napoleon’s forces on 26 May. 1807. The Emperor leads the parade toward the High Gate. Behind the gate is the Slocklurm, while the tower at the left is that of the Rathaui Ii seems that Napoleon would have been ve7’ pka.wd to have had his photograph taken at ereay step of thr’ way. but, alas. photography had not vet been iavenfrtL To counteract this lack, he ctirrkd a staff of painters who whijijied out a canvas and darn nwnt1 every scene of batik m triumphal entry.

As expected, the artist’s enqihasis was on Napokon as Hero (on a while horse) wuithe adoration of the masses. The propaganda was quite effective, serving the same purpose as that of Huffmasrn ‘spkotos of if ilk, in World War II.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 112 - July - August - September - 2001, Page 20.

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