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Is it for REAL?

Here are the specs on the card shown below.
• Mailed from Moravska Ostrava, Czechoslovakia, on 3 August, 1922.
• Franked with 1 .2Kc in Czech postage, apparently correct for a foreign post card.
• Arrived in Danzig on 4 August, 1922, where it was assessed “480” postage due.
• As a coincidence, “480” (PIg.) is the current rate for a postal card, foreign destina tion, from Danzig.

Duke Day questions whether some political games were being played, requiring Danzig to assess mail from Czechoslovakia to be charged this extra amount. What do you think? is it for REAL? Our answer is at the bottom.

What was at one time a legitimate card to Danzig, some Machwerk changed it into a worthless entity. Since the Czech postage was correct, why should the “Postage Due” be placed on the card? Also note that the two cancels over the Danzig stamps are unreadable Possibly the forger didn’t have the proper cancel tool among his collection. From the list of stamps written on the card, that the sender appears to be ordering, the recipient was a stamp dealer in Neugarten. Any guesses as to the name of the dealer?


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 108 - July - August - September - 2000, Page 23.

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