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Justice for Danzig !
Postal Propaganda between the wars.

(part 9 . . . public enlightenment . . .)

To respect the copyright of the publisher, we will only show you the first page of this issue. If you are interested in the other pages kindly please contact the editor, you may click as well on this site on 'Membership', see 'The Danzig Study Group of the UK'.
However, we do provide a full table of contents;

1. G du B; Justice for Danzig ! Postal propaganda between the wars, part 9.
2. Ton Hulkenberg; Jarmark Gdanski 1920 - Danziger Messe 1920.
2. Malcolm Steward; A tram season ticket for March 1945.
4. Hans Vogels; Forged Port Gdansk returned letters and a forged postal savings book.
5. Ton Hulkenberg / G du B; 'Franko' - postage prepaid marks revisited.
6. Ian Nickson / G du B; Are these FDCs genuine ?

The Danzig Philatelist; 2010 - nr. 16 October - December.

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