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At 25 to a sheet, Buchholz & Sauer create some beauties.

Buchholz designs them - Julius Sauer prints them:
These pre-high inflation stamps provide a large coat of arms in four color combinations.

Michel Nr. 89x 20 Mark, Watermark 2 x, 1.8.1921.

Buchholz proved himself a true artist and expert on this series, before taking a deep breath and producing his later masterpiece, MiNr. 100 and 101, wich are considered by some collectors as the most attractive designs in the entire Danzig catalog. It should be noted that the printer, Julius Sauer, also was at the top of his game, making very few, if any, errors in the production of this exellent post-inflation series.

Danzig Report Nr. 149 - 2010, page 7 a.

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