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The Making of a 20th Century Collector.

>> While several full sheets of Michel 51 exist (two are shown in this article with the full sheet and field reference in columm), the search for single issue errors is available to all of us. My own collection of errors is presently arround 80 with mint making up the bulk, followed by used-Danzig, Local Danzig and CTO, in that order.
I would be happy to hear from collectors and can be contacted at <">

John H. Plouffe,
32011 Paseo Amante,
San Juan Capistrano, CA. 92675-3848.


The above photo and caption appeared in Blaine Taylor's article, "Guns of Destiny : The Battle of Westerplatte" which appearwed in a two-part series in Sea Classics magazine. The revisions to the S-H appear much clearer in this photo, as the ship was returned to active duty.
Your editor received a letter from Mr. Taylor, wich contained a 1939 anecdote - As quoted in the 2004 book "France and the Nazi Threat: The Collapse of French Diplomacy, 1932 - 39:"
A quote from the Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland. The official overheard a converstation between Pierre Laval and Marshal.

Danzig Study Group U.S.A.
Danzig Report Nr. 154 - October - November - December - 2011, Page 6.

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