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Gallery » Danzig Report 155 - January, February, March 2012 » Gotenhafen, Korridor & North Atlantic


Danzig Report Nr. 155.

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Gotenhafen, Korridor & North Atlantic.

From the Beginning - - - to the End - - - 1938 - 1945.
Danzig's Westerplatte War extends around the World; The Gbeisenau is scuttled in Gotenhafen.
WHAT IS IT ? THE PHOTO SHOWS THE Scharnhorst, the battlecruiser whose sister was the Gniesenau, with both ships being started at the same time, but the first to be completed and to enter service was the Gneisenau. Photo was made in January, 1939, and the Scharnhorst is identifiable from its ship's 'badge' mounted forward on the anchor. Both were designed for action against merchant ships in the North Atlantic. Her "Atlantic Bow" was installed several months before and she is shown in the Wilhelmshaven harbor. The Gneisenau spent much of her time at Gotenhafen and was scuttled by her crew across the harbour entrance in 1945.  

Danzig Study Group U.S.A.
Danzig Report Nr. 155 - January - February - March - 2012, Page 2.

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