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Mehr Nachrichten
On the opposiie page you will see the latest line-up of future Reports. subject to many changes and additions. Danzig collectors are fortunate in having so much material and so many willing hands to write sLories about thc material. Need we reiterate that stamps dIdn’t come into existence Irorn a vacuum but were influenced by economic, cultural and political pressures? Hence the need to clarify which party was in power and what inflationary pressures were in place a any given time. Our thanks go out to our writers, who take the time to dig into all aspects of the world at the time of their particular study, thus presenting valuable information that covers a broad spectrum and clan lies our OWfl studies.

Jim Grauc has written and illustrated an excellent article that oilers additional information on the South American catapult flights from Danzig. We had originally scheduled it for this Report, hut the additional load of the auction and other previously-received material wouldn’t allow us to give his article all of the attention that it deserves. Therefore. Jim’s catapult article will he included in DR- 106.

The charts irom John Whiteside show his dedication to detail and accuracy, and we all thank him for taking the time to create them. There are several more in the works and will be published as soon as they are received. Many thanks to John for all of his help and the sharing of his knowledge!

Speaking of helping, could any of you spare a hit of time to do some short lrs1á.es of articles? [or example. the Arge has published a 2-pager Ofl the La.areuschsffszug. showing the various cancels and a Feldpostkarre. (If [)anish is an easier language for you to translate, we have that one, too.) This and several other short articles appear to contain valuable Dantig information. Any takers?

One of our lavorite authors and a champion ot prc-war Dani.ig. is Günter (;ras-. You probably know by now that he recently won the NohI Prize for literature.

It’s not possible to include our promised e-mail list in this Report. Send them in for 1)R- 106!

When visiting (dask in this postwar era, OflC needs an agenda in order to cover as many things as possible. A worthwhile pursuit, we reckon, is locating the original site of the JuhsSrDtuckrrei that was once a formidable occupant of the Fleischergasse. Covering at least two entire city blocks, it didn’t do well under the Soviet bombardment. With the help of Prof. Januszajtis and his recently published book. Danzig Früher und Ileute”, we find that the actual location was one block farther north from where we had it spotted. The Professor’s slim volume also contains a 1929 map in color. which is worth the small price for the hook. It was in this StadLplan that he showed us the probable location of the printer of Danzig stamps. so we shall have another look. And, how about the paucity of covers from that large commercial operation! Apparently no one thought to save any. Could you take another look into your covers to see if one slipped through? Thanks!

Finally, we thank you for your loyalty. Please send in your renewals promptly and remember that we are doing everything possible to improve the publication. Also, send in your requests for additional inlormation on the I)anzig posts, and we will do the digging (or find some kind soul who will). Although lddic Kraus is no longer with us. he was one of those kind souls who was always eager to answer any question from a novice, and he has left a small legacy of information from which we may still draw. look for these in the future.

Again, thanks to everyone for your help!


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 105 - October - November - December - 1999, Page 28.

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