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Gallery » Danzig Report Nr. 105 » The Danzig Coil Stamps - Some New Discoveries by Giles du Boulay


2. “Stopped” perforation trials.
The 5Pf and IOPf (Mi. I 931)xI I 941)x) with “stopped” perforations were issued for general sale in October and November. 1932. respectively. Prior to that, in fact from 1925 onwards, the 1)aniig Postal Administration had produced stamp hooklet.s containing normally-perforated 5Pf. IOPI and 15P1 stamps. In the case of the SPf and 1OPI values, full sheets of the stamps were divided to make both panes of six stamps (later ten stamps) for the booklets from the left side and strips for use as coil stamps from the right side of the sheets. As an experimental phase in this process. probably in 1932, the full sheets were produced with “stopped” perforations on the right side only.

Hitherto, as far as I am aware, only one used example of the experimcinal stamps with stopped perfora tions has come to lighl This was a lOPf value cancelled on 18.8.1932, on a postal stationery card at Danzig I Post Office (illustrated in Danzig Report No. 45 from the collection of Bill Ruh).

The pair of WI stamps in FIgure 3, however, appear to he the first known, genuinely used. pre-general sale, examples of the 51’f value actually dispensed from a vending machine. The genuine Zoppot cancel is clearly dated 29632, the knife cuts to the top and bottom of the pair are slightly misaligned and there are faint ribbed impressions of the transport wheel on the left hand side of the pair (most clear above the lower left “5”).


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 105 - October - November - December - 1999, Page 30.

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