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Gallery » Danzig Report 98, 1998 » A TRIBUTE TO EDDIE KRAUSE



Those of us who have had the privilege of knowing Eddie Krause when he was alive and contributing to the world of Danzig Philately are the fortunate ones. And all of the others have benefited from his knowledge by reading his contributions in these pages. in one of his early letters to the editor, he said, “It’s nice that you did not hesitate to ask me for assistance. Now may I say, don’t waste sleepless nights for apparently unsuccessful deciphering. It took me just a few glances to decode’ the rubber stamps and the handwritten notes. Regretably, it did not remain a postman’s miracle how to return to the sender 50 Pfg out of a paid postage of 30 Pfg. The upper stamp is a 40-Pfg value, so the total charge was 60 Pfg!”

That reply is so typical of many “great” philatelists — those who never hesitate to share some of their vast knowledge! You know who they are. Now let’s look at another submission by Eddie:

The cover above, with the back-stamp shown below, was sent by Eddie Krause to illustrate the flight from Danzig to Bombay, posted on 6.2.369-10 pm, carried by rail (Bahnpost) via Marienburg to Beriln on 7.2.36, which arrived at Bombay on 14 February, 1936. It bears on its face a rectangular black stamp (badly visible on the dark blue airmail label) its size 49.5 X 18 mm: “KARACHI/CANCELLED! 13 FEB 36”. Apparently, the in-flight canceling could not be performed. I regret there are no transit stamps indicating the flown route from Berlin to Bombay. Anyhow, (filght) cancellation stamps aré no monopoly of the Danzig or German postal authorities. - EK


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 98 - January - February - March - 1998, Page 13.

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