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Now that the first Danzig Study Group Auction (#1-DR95) has been a success, we will now tread into the next one, #2-DR98. Erik Nagel has, by January 1, already received more than 45 lots of material, has written it up, and has sent ¡tin. Additionally, he has provided us with a solid set of rules which will be in effect from now on. They are as follows:

1. A commission of 10% shall be charged to the buyer. Minimum hid is $1.00 per lot.

2. All descriptions are from the Miche! Specialized or Gjnzsachen catalogs, unless noted otherwise.

3. Bids should be In accordance with the advance increments listed below:

Under $5.00              $ .25
$5.00 to $24.50        $ .50
$25.00 to $49.00     $1.00
$50.00 and over      $2.50

4. Lots are sold at a single advance increment over the second high hid. 1f you hid $20.00 and the second high hid Is $10.00, you huy the lot at $10.50. If there is only one hid, the lot is sold at the lower of(1) 75% of the listed catalog price or (2) 75% of the estimated value.

5. When reserves are listed, they represent minimum bids; any bid below the reserve will not be considered.

6. In case of tie bids, the one with the earliest postmark takes the lot.

7. BUY bids are not accepted.

8. Limiting the total amount of purchases is accepted. Mark bid sheet: “Limit my purchases to $ .“

9. OR bids and other detailed instructions are acceptable. The Auction Manager does not take responsibility for any errors due to misunderstandings.

10. If you wish to be notified when unsuccessful in your bids, please send an addressed, postage-paid postcard with your bids. If you are successful, it will he returned with your lots.

11. Condition: S = perfect in every way: excellent centering, fresh appearance, sharp detail.
VF = slight deviation from S condition.
F-VF = slightly off-center, but almost VF.
F = off-center, hut perfs do not cut into design; gum may be slightly disturbed.
VG = perfs may he cut into design or may have fault(s) which are noted.

12. Abreviations used in descriptions:

* = mint, hinged                              ** = mint, never hinged               HR = hinge remnant
HH = heavy hingeing                      o = used                                               (*) = mint, no gum
CDS = circular date stamp    CVR = cover                                              PC = post card
EST = estimate                            MIN = minimum hid, or reserve    COND = condition
PP = Parcel Post                        Blk.4 = Block of 4                               CTO = canceled to order

13. Personal checks are acceptable from members in the United States. Foreign bidders must use checks drawn on a U.S. hank. No credit cards accepted.

14 Each lot is sold as genuine and as represented, unless sold “as is” or as reference material. Any lot that was erroneously identified may he returned for full credit within 5 days of receipt. All expenses for expertization shall he borne by the buyer..


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 98 - January - February - March - 1998, Page 19.

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