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Editor: John H. Bloecher Jr., 1743 Little Creek Drive, Baltimore, Md. 21207


The 26th National Convention of GPS at BALPEX has been described in the last three issues of the Specialist, but here are some last-minute notes that are meaningful to you. Our Danzig Study Group is scheduled to meet at 2 PM on Saturday, August 30, on the saine floor as Registration and the Exhibition Hall. Please try to attend and offer whatever suggestions you may have for improving the Group. If you can’t be here, send your suggestions in writing to the Editor. If you have a slide program on Danzig, we could try to work it in. Don’t forget to bring your duplicates and want lists.


As you can see from the enclosed program, this Convention will provide a cram-course in German Philately in 3 days. We are quite excited about the quality of exhibits and the full program being provided by GPS lectures and Study Groups, but the 120-page Reference Handbook is something that none of you will want to miss. Copies will be available at a price below $4 from the GPS Service Center if you can’t get to BALPEX. Dr. Bohne’s first edition of the Forgeries Handbook will also be at the Convention.

A tremendous Saturday Nite Spectacular is in store for all who attend the GPS Cocktails, Banquet and Dance, with a door prize for everyone, including those red Berlin overprints: Over 100 have already signed up, so it should be a real blast. All activities, incidentally, take place under one roof.


The Danzig Group is still in need of a German translator to help decipher the articles on Danzig Zep Flights and History of Danzig Stamps. The articles are in easy-to-read type and would be a snap for someone who can translate German. Please volunteer:


Dues for this year are $3.00 and several of you have forgotten to send a check. An unusual reminder is enclosed. Printed on a specially sensitized paper, the notice will remain dormant for 10 days and then begin making eerie sounds at 3 AM, calling for its dues. This plan will remain in effect until we collect or are investigated by the USPS.


Danzig Report   Nr. 4 – Summer - 1975, Page 1.


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