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In the last issue, Art Hecker asked questions about two cards and supplied photocopies of the same. Below are answers received from alert members:

ANSWER to First Question
From John Whiteside, North Yorkshire, England:
The semi-circular KÖNIGSBERG mark reads EISENB. POST BUER XI across the base. The various railway routes of Germany radiating from Berlin received route numbers in the 1850’s and these were used in some datestamps for a very long time. The line Berlin-Dirschau - Danzig Marienburg - Königsberg was Route No. 11. Danzig used a boxed mark “DANZIG SPED. BUR. 11” from 1852 until about 1860. They were used on the r.p.o. for mail sorted on the train but received from the office named in the cancel.

ANSWER to Second Question:
(1) From Gene Marshall, Shreveport, Louisiana:
Rheda is located about 25 km northwest of Danzig. Postally, the Orts vereinen is of 1945 says, “Rheda (Kreis Neustadt) ZdA Kirn". It’s about 8 km east of Neustadt on what appears as a major east-west rail line. It was part oÍ the corridor after the Versailles Treaty

(2) From Werner Bohne, Syracuse, New York: Rheda is located in the District (Kreis) Neustadt, Reg. Bezirk Danzig. Of course, the impression on Art Hecker’s cancel was not very clear, so that he


Danzig Report  Nr. 27 - April - May - June - 1980, Page 2.

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