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>> DANZIG: Postal History until 1920  -  J. L. Whiteside

From 1 July 1875 the German postal authorities reorganised their system, specially that of the larger cities. This bogan a new era for Danzig, with the introduction of new date stamps which were to remain standard until. 1890 and to continue in regular use until 1900.

The Danzig Head Post Office, which was situated on the Langgasse, one of the principal streets of the city, became Danzig 1, and the railway station office became Danzig 2. As the railways had developed, two stations had opened in the city, the Legetorbahnhof on the south side of the city and the Hohetorbahnhof’ on the western edge of the city centre. The station post office had been at the former until about 1070, but the services were concentrated on the Hohetorbahnhof and the office was moved there to become Danzig 2. In 1893, as will be explained more fully later, Danzig 2 became a new office on the Langarten on the eastern side of the city. Danzig 3 was opened about 1878 on Thornscher Weg on south side of the city near the


Danzig Report  Nr. 30 - January - February - March - 1981, Page 7.

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