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The magnified image of Mi. 177, field 5, is no exageration if you have access to a closed-circuit videao system that will receive a “C”—mount close—up lens. We have been esperimenting with both vidicon and Newvicon (low light level) tube cameras with various Danzig stamps and are happy to report that the results have been outstanding. Eye fatigue, brought on by bending over and squinting into a magnifying glass may be a thing of the past. Zoom to a close—up of, say, the Letter “g” that completely covers the monitor screen readily shows the detail of a bump or other defect. Moreover, the defect may appear to match a stamp on the full sheet being used as a plating source, but the radiating lines surrounding the letters (as in the 1923 Fourth Air Issue) are so clear that they act as “fingerprints” for a definitive comparison between stamps.

The easiest method of mounting the camera is on a photo copying stand, but a tripod or other home—made camera holder will suffice. The overhead method provides more flexibility for moving the stamp, cover or full sheet.

Relative cost figures for the components are: Vidicon camera @ $150.00, 9” video monitor @ $140.00 (or alternate for 12” monitor @ $180.00), Model JL35X Javelin 3.75 to 28x variable zoom lens with “C”—mount @ $435.00. As you can see, a complete 3-component system in black & white can be purchased for $725.00. Cost would be even less if you already own a camera and video tape recorder. If so, a close-up lens may be all you need. If more info is needed, send a S.A.S.E.

See the May 1985 issue of The American Philatelist for an article on corn puterized plating using a similar camera setup, but the author has interconnected via a Tecmar digitizer board into an IBM personal computer. This method provides super-technical measurements of dots an errors that can be stored and recalled for comparison to the stamp being tested. This is a dream system, and you shouldn’t be put off by the computer part i all you need is super- magnification that really works.

We must acknowledge with thanks the contributions made to this Report: John Gliroy for his color card that is on the cover; two cards from a flea market by Fred & Gussie I3ehrendt; the [lafen map from Werner Bohne. Also, we received a card from Dan Press in Gdansk. [le says that it is “Fantastic!”, especially the view from the Marienkirche tower after a 500— step climb. We should have a first—hand report soon.
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Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 47 - April - May - June - 1985, Page 13.

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