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Two 50th Anniversaries!!

March, 1986, celebrates two milestones in Danzig philately. First, and more significantly, is the Fiftieth Anniversary of Arbeitsgemein— schaft Danzig, known as the Arge Danzig. The second event is the publishing of Danzig Report No. 50, a milestone which we, frankly, never thought would be possible. 1-lowever, with the help of members all over the world, we have been able to gather the material and information that is vital to philatelic research. Much more lies out there, almost within our reach, but it must first be translated from German. Some of this work has already been accomplished by a few members, but there is a wealth of knowledge waiting for us.

We have sent our congratulations to Karl Kniep and his Merry Band who will be celebrating the Arge’s 50th in Nassau, near Wiesbaden, on March 23rd. Karl tells us that at least two representatives from the Danzig Study Group are expected, and we are sure that others from England will also attend. Please offer our regrets and bring us a report when you return, gentlemen.

Stockholmia 86 and a side trip to G dansk are planned. If you can meet in Danzig in late August, please let us know.


Danzig Report  Nr. 50 - January - February - March - 1986, Page 1.

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