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Gallery » Danzig Report 51 - April, May, June 1986 » Danzig Connection takes Belmont in slop


1931 - Circular tour EUROIE - SOUTH AMERICA - EUROPE
1932 - Tour of GERMANY
1933 - Flight from PASSAU to SWITZERLAND

While we are discussing exhibits, it should be mentioned that Ed Heath’s excellent Wurttemberg layout of scarce early covers wasn’t accepted for exhibition, much to the disappointment of those who saw two Gold showings at BALPEX. Ed has travelled to Europe and consulted with Thoma, resulting in an exceptional showing. Such is life in the exhibiting field, however, so we’ll watch for Ed at future shows.

Another controversial area involves the actual purchase, research and production of exhibition pages by a collector. Is it fair to others if the “collector” buys services for all 3 categories, or must he/she be personally involved in these activities? As you have read in the American Philatelist, Dr. Gene Scott is being singled out as an alleged practitioner, although it is perfectly legal. Well, the Televangellst from California won a Large Gold for “Denmark Skilling Issues, 1851-1874’, as well as a Gold with Special Prize for his superb “Bavaria: Numeral & Arms Issues, 1849- 1911”. This exhibit is a textbook experience on how to design and execute pages. We saw his Bavaria at INDYPEX and made a special effort to absorb its presentation in Chicago. The controversy is raging, and we see no easy solution.

We had the honor last month of welcoming Ronny van Waardhuizen from Antwerp, Belgium, for a weekend orgy of Danzig stamps and covers. Ronny is quite knowledgeable of the subject and was a great help in going thru the Editor’s mess of albums and loose ends. We were overwhelmed by Ilonny’s generosity in translating hans George Mencke’s 68-page book, “Die Internationale Luftpostausteflung LUPOSTA in der Freien Stadt Danzig”. It is still available in its original German form from suppliers such as Rickenback and possibly Roger Koerber; therefore, the English version will be published as a separate unit by D.S.G. and a charge will be made to defray expenses as well as to honor herr tvlencke’s copyright. We will be receiving slides of the original covers for use in our English version. This is a major undertaking, and we are indeed grateful for the help of these two philatelists. We’ll keep you informed!

Two new sources of Danzig material:
A new “find” of covers, full sheets and cancels are available from harry Stadler, 2 Parkhouse Green Cottages, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 7DN England, and mention your specialties.

The second will provide you with enough errors, proofs, imperfs, etc., to last a couple of years. Write to Burton Miller, P.O.Box 911, Pacifica, CA 94044 (with a self-addressed, stamped envelope) for 4 pages of excellent material.

By the way, Burt and his wife were the only U.S. representatives to attend the 50th gala anniversary of the Danzig Arge in Nassau an der Lahn river. There were 38 Danzig collectors in attendance, many with interesting material for trade or sale. Burt enjoyed the visit with Karl Kniep and described him as a very friendly and sharing individual who is willing to teach much that he knows. Karl is also a fnatastic “guide” to the area in and around Wiesbaden.

Danzig Connection takes Belmont in slop
By now the world should know the meaning of the surprising headline above. Danzig Connection is a race horse who won the third leg of the so-called Triple Crown. Soon we may be able to hold our heads high and not whisper to the guy in the bourse booth that we would like to buy some “Danzig”. What say? Oh, never mind.

Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 51 - April - May - June - 1986, Page 2.

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