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Gallery » Danzig Report 21 - November, December 1978 » MONETARY AND POSTAL RATE CHART

>> der Danziger Inflationsjahre 1923

The above overly-simplified picture of the Inflation Period will serve as an introduction to our philatelic study. We request that you carefully check our charts and translations for errors so that corrections can be made in the next issue. Also, please send clear photo-copies of any 1923 covers or oddities that you think may be of interest to fellow collectors. Our resources are limited and additional material will be appreciated. Under the listing of the individual stamps (using Michel’s numbering system), there will be spaces to the right for use as your own want-list or price update.

We wish to acknowledge the following for information derived for this Report: MICHEL: Deutschland-Spezial 1978/79; MICHAELIS: Flugpost von und nach Danzig, 1974; GPS Inflation Study Group; INFLA-BERLIN: Danzig Porto-Tabellen; RUBERG: Spezial-Katalog der Danzig-Marken, 1929, BILLIG: Danzig Airmail Stamps, Billig’s Philatelic Handbook, Vol. IV, Pg. 137, reissued Vol.. 32.


Danzig Report  Nr. 21 - November - December - 1978, Page 4.

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