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Thank you for the copy of Danzig Report No. 60, which covered disinfected covers from this region. I have a couple of covers that were disinfected in the German Empire, but none from Danzig. These are very elusive, and though the U.S. disinfection markings are no less as scarce as some of the German markings, I find it very difficult to aquire some of the German markings, as they seem to be much more sought after and usually appear only in German auctions, where they bring very high prices.

I wish to correct an error that appeared in the American Philatelist and which also appeared in the portion of the text that you reprinted. In the third paragraph, the third sentence should state: “in the middle of the 19th Century” instead of “16th Century”.

If I happen to acquire any covers that originated in Danzig, I will let you know. Again thanks for sending a copy of the excellent article and extra photo copies; they will come in handy for future reference.
- William A. Sendrik
Washington, D.C.

Thanks to William Sendrick for his kind remarks. The success of the article depended entirely upon his research and his willingness to share the knowledge.

Keep your eyes pealed for Danzig fumigated covers at the GPS 40th Convention in Chicago on November 3rd and 4th, 1989. For a prospectus and hotel information, write CHICAGOPEX, Post Office Box A3953, Chicago, IL 60690.

Thank you very much for your “Round Writing”! (Danzig Report No. 621. Look at Page 20; you have written: “the effective usable dates are from—2V/—12N”.
a) What do you say to..............—1 (in the night?)
b) Why did you not use the points (.1 after the V and N???
c) If 9-10, 10-11, 11-12 and 12-1 are “Blank”, why do you write
d) More I have not found!
- Karl Kniep
Wiesbaden, West Germany

This fellow obviously must be reading something other than “Die Hausfrau”. We are quite thankful that he didn’t find more errors. These Germans are something else!! Now for a secret: Know how Karl turns out a flawless Arge bulletin? Hilde writes it.

Enclosed is a LUPOSTA card that might be of interest.
-Ronny van Waordhuizen
Brass choat,

On nxt page:
St. Brigid’s, next to St. Catherine’s. Lech Wasa is a parish member and met with Margaret Thatcher at St. Brigid’s earlier.

Thanks for P45—014 of the Volkstag. We didn’t have an example to print in D.R.53, Page 3.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 63 - April - May - June - 1989, Page 11.

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